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We are pleased to announce our accreditation as a NIOXIN salon, offering a guarantee to all clients who have a desire for fuller, thicker hair or who may be looking for the right treatment and confidential advice in relation to hair thinning. Additionally we can also offer the option of high frequency treatment for scalp stimulation.

Having studied trichology (the health of hair and the scalp), and having suffered from hair thinning for several years, salon owner Sandra Ramsay has spent considerable time researching the condition and evaluating products in order to be able to provide the best advice and recommendations to clients. More importantly, she fully appreciates the feelings and concerns which sufferers experience, particularly as appearance plays a large part in our day to day lives.

Sandra has used NIOXIN for more than 3 years and the product is the only brand of its type to be approved by the Institute of Trichologists.

If you would like to find out more about the benefits of the NIOXIN range of products, or would like a free confidential consultation to discuss your hair and scalp condition, and available treatments, please call the salon and we will be happy to help.  



The NIOXIN definition of hair thinning is having fewer hair strands, finer hair strands, or a poor scalp environment for hair to grow from. Each of these three signs, developed from scientific observation and stylist and consumer insights, has a basis in biology.

The three parts of each NIOXIN system – cleanse, optimise and treat – work together to help create an optimal scalp environment and provide thicker, denser-looking hair. NIOXIN has developed 6 systems to cater for different hair types and eliminate the primary hair thinning conditions below.

Fewer Hair Strands

Hair has three growth phases. In order for the newest hair to mature, the scalp needs to be kept clean and hair needs to be protected from damage and breakage – one of the most common causes of thin-looking hair.

Finer Hair Strands

When hair goes through its full lifecycle, it looks full and thick. However, changes in our diet, stress levels, health and living environment can shorten the lifecycle, preventing it from maturing and causing regression to smaller, finer hair.

Poor Scalp Environment

Healthy, deeply rooted hair comes from a scalp that is clean and free from debris. Build-up of sebum or products blocks hair follicles and can prevent new hair coming through the skin and maturing. In time, the lack of new growth will make hair look increasingly thin.